A look into the politics of inequality – Listen to Zanny Minton Beddoes


By Keffyalew Gebremedhin –
The Ethiopia Observatory

    “Not all inequalities are unjust, but the levels of inequality across much of Africa are unjustified and profoundly unfair. Extreme disparities in income are slowing the pace of poverty reduction and hampering the development of broad-based economic growth. Disparities in basic life-chances – for health, education and participation in society – are preventing millions of Africans from realising their potential, holding back social and economic progress in the process. Growing inequality and the twin problems of marginalisation and disenfranchisement are threatening the continent’s prospects and undermining the very foundations of its recent success.”


    Kofi Annan, Chair of the Africa Progress Panel, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Laureate

From the late prime minister down to some of his living ardent disciples, we have heard from time to time about their efforts to persuade Ethiopians (possibly the world too)…

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